The best kept secret in motherhood? Sometimes it sucks.

Tantrums, butt wiping, learners permits, bullying, a car that’s never clean, sleep deprivation on par with torture techniques…we know you feel us, mamas.

But for some moms, 20% of us actually, it sucks for a whole other set of reasons. For some moms, motherhood sucks because it messes with our mental health. In other words, for 1 in 5 mamas it literally screws us up.

Wanna add to the “that sucks” pile? For some completely unhelpful reason, mom’s emotional state is still a taboo topic that no one really talks about. We have so many resources for helping moms with what they DO and how they parent but we have very few places that help moms with how they FEEL. And that needs to change.

Which is why we — Brooke and Jen, mommy bloggers and two of those 20% suffering (and surviving!) from screwed up brain chemistries caused by having our adorable kids — created MOTHERHOOD | UNDERSTOOD: a place that cares more about how mom feels than how she’s mothering.

Kind of revolutionary. Kind of a game-changing POV.

We see moms for who they are, not for what they accomplish. Because we’ve been there. On bathroom floors and in beds we think we’ll never get out of. And we know that moms — all moms, but especially those suffering emotionally — crave to be understood. And here, she is.