Hey Mama! 

We’re Brooke Christian and Jen Schwartz, the founders of MOTHERHOOD | UNDERSTOOD.  

 We’re pretty typical moms. 

  • We have insane and insanely cute kids.
  • We love them somedays.
  • We hate them other days.
  • We ache for our pre-mom days.
  • We love watching our kids sleep.
  • We want to drink tequila by the bottle but we’re old AF and can’t handle our liquor anymore.

Here’s where we’re a bit a-typical: both of us are postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety survivors and continue to battle mental health issues well past our postpartum days.

Surviving postpartum depression is actually our “meet cute” (that’s a Hollywood term for how two romantic interests meet in a movie). In 2017, Jen wrote a searingly honest article about her PPD. Brooke read it, cried her eyes out, and after picking herself off the bathroom floor, reached out to Jen over Instagram.

We were two strangers, two moms living in different cities (Brooke lives in Westchester, NY. Jen lives in Charlotte, NC), but turns out we both understood more about each other’s motherhood experience than anyone we already new. We both survived severe postpartum depression. And when you’ve both been in the same battle together, you become instant war buddies. Turns out that was us.

And while we both had used that painful time in our lives to launch our own respective brands, Flirty Girl for Brooke, The Medicated Mommy for Jen (check them out at some point), we realized there was a hole in the mommy-sphere for the 1 in 5 moms who battle maternal mental health issues—scary stuff like PPD and PPA, ongoing depression and a ton of other brain chemistry issues that hinder us from feeling like successful moms. None of the other mommy bloggers we loved and followed were talking to us about…well, us.

And that’s how we gave birth to MOTHERHOOD | UNDERSTOOD, a way to speak to the 20% of moms who battle mental health issues that’s empathy-driven, funny, brave, honest, norm-breaking and has one sole focus: how is mom is FEELING and how can we help her through that. Not how she’s PARENTING. How she’s FEELING. Big freakin’ difference.

Bottom line, mamas: we love your kids. They’re super cute. But, we love you way more.





PS – for a bigger 411 on who we are, Brooke used to be super cool and work at top magazines in NYC and is also the founder of Flirty Girl, a sex empowerment platform for moms. Sex toys are her jam when she’s not in mommy mode. Jen used to be a do-gooder and teach middle school English and also runs a crazy popular blog, The Medicated Mommy. She’s basically a PPD preacher. Brooke & Jen GET IT and are committed to taking the taboos around maternal mental health public. Combined, their writing and commentary have been featured all over the mommy blogosphere and at top websites such as Glamour, Bustle, PopSugar Moms, Scary Mommy, CafeMom, HuffPost Parents, Hello Giggles, Motherlucker, Greatist, The Mighty and more.