We’re Brooke Christian and Jen Schwartz, the founders of MOTHERHOOD | UNDERSTOOD. But we’re also just like you: busy, overwhelmed moms with insanely cute but challenging kids who know how hard it is to be a mom today. We mean, REALLY, REALLY HARD.

We are also professional bloggers who met less than a year ago over Instagram through a shared experience: we both survived severe postpartum depression AND we both used that painful time in our lives to launch our own respective brands, each dedicated to helping moms in very different ways.

Brooke’s depression experience led her to build a sexual empowerment platform for moms called Flirty Girl. Jen’s debilitating PPD led her to create The Medicated Mommy, a blog and published writings that unmask the ugly realities of postpartum depression. 

As we discussed ways to collaborate, we realized there was a hole in the mommy marketplace for a platform that focuses specifically on moms and how they really feel, rather than just how they are parenting and what ridiculous things their kids are doing. Laughing at the madness of motherhood is awesome, but sometimes what we really need is a hand on top of ours saying, “I totally get it mama.” Brooke figured out the power of those words with Flirty Girl; Jen figured it out with The Medicated Mommy. And when we met, we realized it was finally time to take that power and use it to help all moms feel brave enough to be honest about their feelings and struggles. 

That’s why we created the MOTHERHOOD | UNDERSTOOD. Because we truly understand what being a mom means, good and bad. Our goal is to empower moms to bring the private public and feel UNDERSTOOD

So that’s us. Two moms willing to be honest and say, “My journey through motherhood has sucked sometimes so trust me, I GET IT.”

And we practice what we preach. Check out our personal motherhood confessions below. Hopefully our stories will help you feel brave and safe enough to share yours.

Brooke’s Confession

Jen’s Confession