MOTHERHOOD | UNDERSTOOD is so much more than an Instagram feed or a Facebook group. It’s a sisterhood of like-minded moms who are craving real connection, craving their own mom crew, craving to be seen, heard and understood, craving to admit the unpopular mommy stuff, and craving to live their lives more authentically. 

What do we 100% know?

• We know we need MOTHERHOOD | UNDERSTOOD because being a mom today comes with the pressure to be perfect. Social media posts that only show the best pictures or memes that simply joke about the worst and absurd parts of our days.

• We know we need MOTHERHOOD | UNDERSTOOD because the images moms promote on social media don’t tell the whole story. They’re a highly curated view of motherhood and they make most of us feel like failures. Perfect pictures are the supermodels of the mommy-sphere: moms we wish we looked like but never will.

• We know we need MOTHERHOOD | UNDERSTOOD because deep down, moms want to stop pretending everything is either amazing or hilariously ridiculous. We want to be honest about our lives and not be judged or shamed for it.

• We know we need MOTHERHOOD | UNDERSTOOD because something’s missing from the mommy zeitgeist: A celebration of flawed moms. Supermoms are out. Imperfect moms are in.

• We know we need MOTHERHOOD | UNDERSTOOD because most moms aren’t brave enough to be real, alone. And nothing, not likes on social media, not pretty pictures, not perception, nothing, feels as comforting or as big a relief as another mom saying, “I’ve been there. I get it. I UNDERSTAND!”

MOTHERHOOD | UNDERSTOOD is here to take mom taboos public and create a space for moms to BE REAL and FEEL SUPPORTED, a place where moms feel safe enough to be serious, to be vulnerable, to be funny, to be imperfect. We are here to create a tribe of virtual best friends. 

Are you in? Join us here