8 Reasons I Might Be A Dad Trapped Inside a Mom’s Body


Do you ever wonder if you are missing the motherhood gene? I mean, I know I’m a kickass mom, but I think we all feel like this sometimes. I remember when I first started seeing my therapist during the days of postpartum depression (a time where I had no interest in being a mom at all), and she determined that I was more of an A-/B+ personality, she also decided I was part male (I happen to agree with her but that’s another blog post for another time). Lately that has me thinking…maybe it’s not that I’m missing the mom gene, but perhaps there are times when I could actually be a dad trapped inside a mom’s body--because here are eight examples of my less than stellar parenthood behaviors (we all have our moments) and let’s be honest moms, aren’t these things we like to get on our husband’s cases for? And if I’m being completely honest, my husband may have helped me with this list…because he kind of agrees!

  1. When I go out of town, my husband puts our little one to sleep and cooks himself a gourmet meal and sets a proper place at the table. I’m talking restaurant style--place mat, correct placing of utensils, fully poured glass of wine and all. When my husband goes out of town, I get in my pajamas, turn on the Netflix, call for takeout and eat from the box the food came in. And if dessert is involved, it’s probably coming in bed with me.
  1. On Saturdays, my husband spends all morning with our son, going from activity to activity—breakfast, soccer, car wash, mini golf, watching trains, riding the trolley, playground, Lego store, grocery shopping, and more. He wonders if they haven’t done enough. When my husband is out of town and I’m responsible for the Saturday morning routine, I most likely make it to the car wash before we find ourselves at home binge-watching Paw Patrol. I'm exhausted just thinking about that activity list!

  1. My husband complains our son is in front of the TV too much. I on the other hand, think differently because Daniel Tiger teaches very important life lessons. Also, I was raised on TV and I turned out pretty awesome!
  1. My husband worries our son isn’t eating enough vegetables. I often feed our son what's easy and doesn't take much effort (by 6pm, I'm too tired for food wars)--mac and cheese, bread, yogurt, cheese sticks, and/or cereal. Hey, there is plenty of protein built in to those meals. And if I’m lucky, I can get a few blueberries into his mouth.
  1. My husband will feel bad leaving our son home for the weekend. I'll miss him, but I’m always looking for the next adult weekend trip. (Who doesn't want the chance to sleep in?)
  1. At night, my husband is the first to jump out of bed when our son calls out. There are times I contemplate pretending I’m still asleep before going to his room. (Don't judge. You do it too!)
  1. My husband usually does the bath and bedtime routine. It’s the only quality time he really gets with our son during the work week. When my husband goes out after work or on a business trip, I’m happy to do bedtime (that means I get to be in bed before 8!), but the bath? Probably getting skipped. (Am I the only mom who thinks bath time is stressful time, not special time?)
  1. Our son does not eat dinner in front of the TV. He eats at the kitchen table and we talk and read books. On my husbands’ last business trip, we picked up Chick Fil-A, put our pajamas on and ate our dinner on the couch, watching Penguins of Madagascar. (Shhhh. Don’t tell my husband!)

So, while I’m the parent who stays home with our son, takes him to school every morning, to doctors' appointments, makes sure he has clothes that actually fit him, food for school lunches, and that tuition and forms are turned in on time, I can’t help thinking whether he wonders if I’m more like the daddy who likes to nap, sit on the couch, can't cook, gives him too many snacks, and would prefer to watch movies with him than play at the playground. I guess that makes me the type A-/B+, part-male mommy!

I realize I'm totally stereotyping the wonderful fathers of our children...but it's all in good fun!

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