A Letter to Myself...


A little over two months ago, I wrote myself a letter. I sat in the dining hall at Campowerment and wrote myself a letter as a reminder of how I felt, what I learned and experienced, who I met and connected with, why I started writing my truth, and who I became during that transformative, empowering, and all-around amazing weekend. This week, Grandy mailed me my letter with her uplifting response. Tonight I read my letter and hers, cried and decided to post it right here for everyone to read. And after I finish this post, I'm taping it to my bathroom mirror so I can read it every morning.

Dear Jen,

This letter is to remind you about the life-changing, magical experience at Campowerment. You transformed into the woman and mom you have known that you are since you kicked postpartum depression's ass. You found your people, your tribe, women who get you, women you learned from and grew with, laughed with, and shared with. You connected with women you might never have met or approached outside of camp. And you received that validation that way you say, do, and believe are true. Women who only knew you for 72 hours told you that you are going to do big things, that you are spunky, loving, powerful brave, honest, open, and a wonderful mother. That Mason is so lucky to have you. I don't know if you really knew or believed any of that before this weekend, especially the mother part. 

I charge you with living up to those words and compliments that those amazing women bestowed upon you. You better keep believing all those things. Be you, speak and WRITE your truth, and screw the haters, the noise, and the people not evolved enough to understand. Have gratitude everyday for the experience of camp and all the blessings you have in your life. When you think something is difficult or hard, remember the cancer survivors, the mother of two sets of twins going through a divorce, the mother whose son barely speaks to her, and all the other brave women who shared their stories. Those things were hard. Giving up carbs and losing 20 lbs isn't hard. Getting your ass to the park with Mason or to a yoga class every other day isn't hard. Don't lose touch with who you are and who you connected with at camp. You are fierce. You are a Goddess. You are a fucking rockstar. 

Love, Your transformed self Jen (Schwartzie)