Campowerment - Round Two - Also Known As: GET YOUR ASS TO CAMP!


I wasn’t going to write about my weekend at Campowerment this time around. Not because I didn’t have another magical, transformative weekend with the most unbelievable women, but because I want you to hear about the Campowerment movement and why every woman needs some camp in her life, from the founder herself. On Friday I will be posting a Q&A with the rockstar behind camp, Tammi Leader Fuller. You do not want to miss it! But I have to write about something that happened to me on the last day of camp, just minutes before I got in the van and headed to Newark airport to return home to my real life. We rarely ever know what kind of impact we make on another person and it’s not something we tend to think about. Of course we think about how others touched our lives, but what if you could take a moment to hear from others about the effect you had on them? At the end of camp, you are given this opportunity, but I won’t spoil the details of how, in case you decide to go experience it for yourself. And you should definitely go experience it for yourself.

During my moment, another camper, a woman who I swear is my soul sister and someone I have known my whole life (I’ve literally now known her for less than a week) told me that I make her want to be a mom, something she really hasn’t felt strongly about ever. Cue tears and all the feels. Let me repeat that. I make her want to be a mom. This woman right here—this mommy—your medicated mommy wants to make someone else be a mom. I consider myself to be a pretty confident woman (thank you Campowerment-the first time around), but me? Make someone else want to be a mom? Really? Why?

And do you know why I make her want to be a mom? Because my honesty and attitude and fearlessness gives her the courage to be herself. Because I’m too busy being me, the mom that I am, postpartum depression survivor, medicated and all, to get caught up in the crazy bullshit that has become today's culture of motherhood. I found myself in all kinds of ways this past weekend. I rediscovered my purpose. I made lifelong friends. I listened and learned from so many beautiful, strong women. I danced my ass off, sang karaoke, showed off my killer hula hoop skills, and found my inner teenager. But at the end of camp, in less than one minute, my new best friend left this writer at a loss for words and turned the impact I had on her right back around on me. The only way I know how to pay this forward and show my eternal gratitude for finding and joining this tribe of women is to now share it with all of you and hope that you will give yourself this amazing gift of camp.



So let me ask you:

Do you miss that playful girl you used to be?

Is she in there somewhere but you don’t know how to find her?

Can you even remember the last time you saw her?

Did you get lost somewhere along the way via the path of marriage, motherhood, career, and responsibilities?

Do you need to let go?

Do you want to experience what it’s like to live in a judgement and drama-free zone? You know, the way the world should be?

Do you want to feel what it's like to live in a place where women only build each other up?

Do you want to be accepted for who you really are, not what you do? 

Do you want to feed your soul, enrich your life, and learn some new cool shit?

Do you need to rediscover your purpose?

Do you have no idea what your purpose is?

Do you put everyone’s needs before your own?

Are you dying to put yourself first, but worried what others will think?

Do you want to be your authentic self and not give a fuck if others don’t get you?

Do you want to learn how to give even less fucks about that?

Do you want to find your inner strength and beauty (because I promise you it’s in there!)?

Do you want to realize that making it all about you is the only way to make it in this life?

Do you just need a little more of the positive and a little less of the negative?

Are you looking for your people? For connection?

Do you just need to have more fun? 

Are you happy and fulfilled in your life but you want to be even happier and more fulfilled?

If you answered yes to even just one of these questions, you need to get your ass to Campowerment. Get empowered. Be inspired. Come play. Do something for yourself. IT’S MORE THAN OKAY TO DO SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF. Yes, this is me telling you to put yourself first in shouty caps! It doesn’t make you selfish. It makes you brave. It makes you strong. It makes you vulnerable and beautiful. For all the people who say otherwise, fuck them! And when you return home from your first Campowerment weekend, you will be able to say exactly that.