Effing Carbs and Effing Chuck E. Cheese


Well, I didn't exactly make January 1, 2016 my bitch. But I did make something my bitch. What you might ask? Carbs! Yes, I made carbs my bitch! I didn't mean to. I was supposed to wake up, walk 10,000 steps, fit in a yoga class to kick off the new year, and eat protein. Was there protein? Of course. Lots of protein. There was extra crispy bacon (on top of three pancakes with maple syrup). Then there was chicken salad (on top of a warm, buttery croissant that I shared with the 3 year-old daughter of a friend). And finally there was chicken and beef (on top of hummus, accompanied by basmati rice, fresh baked pita and lentils with fried onions). Oh and don't forget the two kinds of baklava for dessert. Oops! That's what happens when you binge watch Narcos on Netflix for New Year's Eve with your husband and red wine. The funny thing is, our New Year's Eve dinner was 100% carb free and we didn't even have dessert. WTF! So I'm great on the last day of the year but fuck up the first day of the new year.

Or maybe it was the three hours we spent at Chuck E. Cheese yesterday morning.

And that brings me to Chuck E. Cheese. I would like to quote a close mom friend of mine as she walked through the door with her five year-old son: " B, I effing hate this place!" I tried to disagree with her. I swear I tried not to walk around with a pack of clorox wipes. Tried not to hand out clorox wipes to other parents. I really, really tried not to be that snobby Jewish mom asking other mom friends if they wanted clorox wipes to go. And I tried really hard to contain my excitement when it was time to leave.

But that's the thing about being a parent...I might have bitched and complained and talked shit about Chuck E. Cheese with mom friend above, but my son had the time of his life. He rode the train ride 36 times (I'm not exaggerating). He ran around, played games, collected tickets, won prizes, and didn't have any melt downs. He was busy and happy and exhausted for nap time and that made mommy very happy because if he naps, I get to nap and I am a much nicer person if I get to nap. And watching him discover new things, and laugh and smile and play definitely trumps my feelings about Chuck E. Cheese.

Oh and today, I had a protein day and felt fabulous. As they say in every addict group, "One day at a time." But tomorrow we leave for vacation. And I'm going to be honest...flying and being away with a toddler is not really vacation. I am very worried for what that means for my food and alcohol consumption. As in when my son has meltdowns or doesn't nap or go to bed or wakes up at 5 a.m. because of the time change, mommy is going to be carb loading, binging on chocolate, and drinking too much wine. But I packed work out clothes. That has to count for something. I'll keep you posted!