"Empowerment Activist" Andrea Quinn takes over my blog this week! (Today's topic: Why Saying No Makes Women Happier)


Six Reasons Why Saying No Makes Women Happier When was the last time you said “yes” to doing something you knew you really didn’t want to do, but feel you should or must? If we’re being honest, it happens a lot more than we’d like to admit.

We don’t say no because we either want to “make sure” it’s all done correctly, or we don’t want to miss out on something or we’ll disappoint someone we care about.

But, it goes deeper than that. I believe women have such a difficult time saying no because they don’t know how to see their own value. We think there’s no other option and if we say no there will be repercussions such as shame, guilt, lack of validation and letting people down.

By not saying no, we have become a society of often depressed, angry, resentful and exhausted women who don’t understand why the Yeses haven’t yet shown up in our lives. Well, I can tell you that if you want a Yes life you must learn to say no.

Here are a few reasons to start saying No today:

  1. No allows us to feel relieved from obligation.
  2. No empowers us to be in charge of our own lives (and not everyone else’s).
  3. No fills us with honesty by being true to what we really want to do.
  4. No lifts the heavy burden of feeling like we have to do something for someone that we don’t feel called to do.
  5. No provides us more personal time to do things like recharging our batteries, working on a creative endeavor, reading a good book.
  6. No extends your life! The amount of stress a woman carries by not saying no can actually cause illness and shorten your life.

And lastly, a balance between true yeses and no’s creates a balanced life, because when you say no to one thing you’re actually saying yes to something else more aligned with yourself.

So, if you want to feel a sense of relief, empowerment, authenticity, balance, more personal time and have a longer, happier life, then take the first step today.

Just say No!

JennKLPhotography-4171_edit_CROPBIO: Andrea Quinn is a Certified Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Author based in Los Angeles.  She is known as an “Empowerment Activist” for women and has a reputation as a powerful advisor to many in the entertainment industry. Her unique and natural gift of sharing her wisdom offers an original perspective that isn’t based on ego or hype, but in real world experience and she delivers!

She has developed a curriculum called the ”Quinn Essentials”, which is a program used by many individuals as well as companies to expand their businesses, inspire communication within groups and empower people to live their best lives. Andrea facilitates women’s groups in Los Angeles where she teaches her tools to hundreds of women and is successful at guiding them to “Accomplish” their dreams.

Andrea is finishing her first book” The Quinn Essentials – 9 tools to Accomplish ANYTHING for Women.” She is also expanding her women’s groups in 2017 to San Francisco, San Diego, Dallas, Austin, and New York. Motivational speaking is also a passion for her and she is invited to speak regularly at many corporate events and has a once a month empowerment lecture series in Hollywood for men and women. While she has a presence in many of the Studios, Networks and Agencies in Hollywood she has also advised on Wall Street, the Silicon Valley, the Pentagon, and most recently in London’s powerful Music Industry. Seeing people (especially women) succeed by “Accomplishing” their dreams is her biggest dream come true.