Listen up Mommies! Mindfulness & Meditation with Anne Sussman


I met Anne a few months ago at camp. She's an expert in mindful meditation and all-around blissful bad-ass. If you need to be more present, quiet that busy mind of yours, stop sweating the small stuff, and gain a deeper appreciation of all that you have in this life (and I think all of us moms need more of those things in our lives), she's your woman. When not rocking the circles at camp, Anne runs the Mindfulness Meeting Place where she helps individuals bring meditation into their everyday lives, just as she has. And thanks to technology, you can work with her from anywhere! Read on to learn how you too can mindfully meditate, find your bliss, and live a life of gratitude. Meet Anne!

On Becoming a Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor and Expert

I teach a trademarked program called SEED: “ Simple Easy Every Day”. I received my certification as a Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor through the McLean Meditation Institute in Sedona, Arizona, founded by Sarah McLean, a Hay House author, and internationally known teacher. Meditation is a skill that anyone can learn. I am someone, just like you and your readers, who struggles to live in our fast-paced, often stress-filled world, and I have seen the remarkable benefits that meditating consistently brings.  My goal is to help you live better, as I do. I teach beginners and those looking to deepen their own practice.

Why Meditation

I had been suffering from pervasive anxiety for most of my life and I began meditating in 2009 at a weekly class to try to help relieve it. I found my Wednesday afternoon hour my favorite of the week. I noticed that I was calmer and happier on Wednesdays. I then started to incorporate the practice into my daily life. I now meditate twice a day, every day. I have attended extended day silent retreats as well. I live virtually anxiety free. Just like brushing my teeth, it is something I never leave the house without doing!

The Mindfulness Meeting Place

I founded Mindfulness Meeting Place to begin to bring this valuable practice out into the world. I thought the name of my company would work either as a virtual space to meet or as a brick and mortar space to teach in. I thought that the name conveyed a sense of community as well--a place to come for those interested in living mindfully. I hope to have that physical space one day in the not so distant future.

The Benefits of Meditation 

For many years there has been anecdotal evidence about the benefits of a daily meditation practice. It seemed to help but there wasn't anyway to be sure. Within the last 10-15 years, and the ability to see into the brain with new technology such as MRI’s, there is scientific proof that the practice of regular meditation has physical, psychological and emotional benefits that are measurable. Just open the paper or listen to the news lately. Study after study, by major institutions, are touting the effects of this ancient practice. It is undeniable that this is a tool that can offer greater health and well-being to those who become committed to it.

Getting Profound: “Live in Gratitude, Not in Guilt.” 

I am honored to teach Meditation and Mindfulness at Campowerment, a four day women’s empowerment retreat that is like summer camp for grown-ups! One of the many options to work with me there is attending a circle I offer called “Noticing your Bliss”. This is an opportunity to explore the idea of living a life from the perspective of Gratitude. I believe that Gratitude is the foundation for Joy and that it is a choice we have to approach life from that place. When you make a choice to be on the look out for, and notice the small moments that are joyful in each day, you can begin to live in “Gratitude, and not Guilt” . Guilt is in the past, what we wish we coulda, woulda, shoulda done. Feeling guilty or remorseful leads to being stuck. Being present, fully experiencing each moment through your senses, whether amazing or challenging, welcoming each and every experience with an open heart, and knowing there is an opportunity to learn and grow, is the way not to miss your life. It's about living mindfully, and staying in the present--being grateful for all you are blessed with. This practice creates a more joyful life.

More Ways to Work with Anne

If you live near Anne in New Jersey, you can work with her in person. And if you don't? Thank modern technology and Skype because you can work with her from anywhere. She's now offering three different packages to help you delve into the world of meditation and find your inner bliss.  For a taste, try the Awaken Package. Want more? Maybe the Shift package is a better fit. If you're like me and struggle with moderation and like to dive in to everything head first, then you want the Transform package. Find out which path is right for you.

Come back Monday morning to for part two of Anne's interview where we discuss her amazing new project, Bliss Buddies as well as the power of volunteering and giving back.

BIO: Anne Sussman is the founder of Mindfulness Meeting Place. Anne received her certification as a Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor at the McLean Meditation Institute. Anne began meditation in 2009 at a weekly class, hoping to find relief from pervasive anxiety. She believes strongly in the power of meditation, as it is the tool that changed her life from the inside out. Anne holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and has twenty years of experience teaching Conflict Resolution skills to teachers, parents and students, as well as parenting classes to young moms at an early childhood center. Her training in Mindfulness Meditation techniques is a perfect complement to her strength as a born educator. Anne's goal is to help you live better, as she does. Read more about Anne and connect with her on Facebook.