The Medicated Mommy Mondays Part 2: Who Am I Here For?


I'm back! Today I'm sharing all about who I'm here for. I'm here for any mom or mom-to-be who wants a real, honest, refreshing, relatable, laugh out loud perspective on the rollercoaster of motherhood. I want to be your best mom friend, the one who tells you the truth. The one who makes you feel like you can share your truth. The one who holds your hand while you struggle. The one who helps you find the path to happy and healthy if you get sick.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of new moms suffer from postpartum depression and feel as if they are crazy and the only ones. Even if you’re not one of these moms, you will still often feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and extremely unqualified for this job. You will sometimes find yourself wishing for your old life back and searching for your lost sense of humor. The secret is, so does every other mom, but most of them never admit it. Many of them fill your social media feeds with picture perfect images that make motherhood look easy and fun all day long. Motherhood is hard for everyone and anyone who says otherwise is full of shit. I'm here for all of these moms. For every mom.

And if you’re not a mom or never had postpartum depression, I'm here for you too. We all need useful advice and tips for how to help and support the moms in our lives who are struggling.

Check back next week to learn more about The Medicated Mommy's values!