The Medicated Mommy Mondays Part 3: What Are My Values?


Happy Monday! Last week I shared all about who I am here for. Spoiler alert: I'm here for you moms! Today I want to talk about my values. Here is what you can expect when you read or hear anything from me, you're favorite Medicated Mommy. The Medicated Mommy promises to always be:

AUTHENTIC The Medicated Mommy doesn’t pretend to be anything other than who she is: imperfect, exhausted, deeply flawed, and a mom who kicked postpartum depression’s ass, pops an antidepressant every morning, sucks at Pinterest, and feels like she is “killing it” on some days while on others hides in her closet crying, binging on cookies, and asking herself, “WTF?“ She’s here to give you the real dirt on everything motherhood, including postpartum depression.

UNFILTERED The Medicated Mommy is the best mom friend everyone wishes they had, always saying out loud what other moms are thinking but might be too afraid to admit. She always tells it like it is, no sugar-coating, no pretending, and maybe with some f-bombs thrown in.

UNAPOLOGETIC The Medicated Mommy boldly owns her story, who she is as a mom, and talks honestly about her struggles, postpartum depression, and other taboo subjects of motherhood without worrying what others think, without fear, and without apology.

FUNNY The Medicated Mommy injects some much-needed humor, wit, and sometimes snark into her writing about the serious topic of postpartum depression and has no issues laughing at herself and the missteps she often takes on the road of motherhood.

SUPPORTIVE The Medicated Mommy is always here for you every step of the way. She’s here to remind you, you’re not alone and help you feel understood as you navigate the ups and downs of motherhood and the confusing, overwhelming, heart-wrenching experience of postpartum depression.

RELATABLE The Medicated Mommy is trying to survive motherhood one day at a time while keeping her sense of humor and sanity intact. She has awesome days and awful days. The Medicated Mommy is all of us. She gets it and she gets you.

The Medicated Mommy believes: 

YOU’RE NOT ALONE 1 in 7 women experience some form of a postpartum mood disorder. If you have postpartum depression, you are in good company, the company of hundreds of thousands of new moms each year. You need to know there is nothing wrong with you, you are not a horrible mother, and you will get better with the proper treatment. The Medicated Mommy wants all women to feel comfortable speaking up and asking for help so they can receive the treatment they need. No one should ever have to suffer in silence.

NO MORE PRETENDING The Medicated Mommy doesn’t believe in pretending motherhood is easy or that she is the perfect mother who never struggles. She’s here to tell you the moms who do are lying. She would rather spend her valuable time being herself and not worrying or caring about what others think.

GUILT HAS NO PLACE WHEN IT COMES TO MOM’S SELF-CARE AND HAPPINESS You can’t give your children what you don’t have. Just like on an airplane when they instruct you to put your oxygen mask on first before you help secure your child’s, The Medicated Mommy believes you must make time to take care of yourself, find what brings you joy, and nurture it. A happy, healthy mommy is the best gift you can give to your little ones and there is never any reason to feel guilty about that.

IT’S TIME TO END THE STIGMA It’s 2017, but many moms still feel the stigma from having a postpartum mood disorder following the birth of their babies. The Medicated Mommy believes it’s time to dial down the shame by openly sharing our stories, reassuring moms that there is nothing wrong with them, being real about the messy parts of motherhood, and treating postpartum depression as a common illness just like any other that requires treatment to get better.

EVERYONE CAN HELP Many moms experience postpartum depression and other struggles in isolation, without the positive, ongoing support of people around them. Everyone can help during this traumatic time: from family and friends to medical professionals, businesses and services. The Medicated Mommy is committed to offering advice and content for how family and friends can support mom while also advocating for professionals to educate women about postpartum depression and its risk factors and create a safe, judgement-free environment for moms to seek the help they need to get better and ease the path forward for all.

Next week will be the final Medicated Mommy Monday so come back to learn all about what fires me up!