The Medicated Mommy Mondays Part 4: What Gets Me Fired Up?


Today will be the last of The Medicated Mommy Mondays series. On this last Monday of July, I want to tell you about what fires me up.

  • 1 in 7 moms will have a postpartum mood disorder, but most of us don't know that.
  • Only 15% of these moms receive treatment.
  • Many moms still feel as if they have to pretend motherhood is easy and amazing all the time. 
  • The lack of education about postpartum depression and its risk factors.
  • Moms feeling isolated and alone.
  • Moms feeling guilty for taking care of themselves.
  • Moms feeling like they have to be anyone but their authentic selves.
  • Anything other than acceptance of a mom's choice for how she feeds her baby.
  • Moms making other moms feel bad or judged.
  • Any form of mom-shaming.

Everything above constantly motivates me to continue doing what I do. I'm not stopping until no mom ever feels as if she needs to struggle or suffer in silence.

What fires you up?

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