New 2016 Goal: Be Jenna Dewan Tatum

OMG! Holy fuck! You need to watch the above clip from Celebrity Lip Sync Battle where Jenna Dewan-Tatum competes against her gorgeous husband, Channing Tatum. She performs Pony, as in Channing’s beyond sexy, stripper dance routine from MAGIC MIKE XXL. Holy hotness! I think she might be hotter than him! I have a new girl crush and it’s Jenna and her abs and her moves. Um why can’t I dance like that? Don’t you think that Jenna and Tatum have the hottest, craziest sex? Well that’s what I would like to think! And if I’m being honest, I’m incredibly jealous. So my new 2016 goal? Be Jenna Dewan-Tatum! Here is a list of everything I will need to do to accomplish this goal.

1. Lose a shit-ton of weight 2. Stop eating food 3. Stop drinking wine or alcohol of any kind 4. Move into the gym 5. Take A LOT of Pilates 6. Sign up for hip hop lessons 7. Sign up for stripper lessons 8. Sign up for pole dancing classes 9. Stop eating food 10. Have more sex

As the mom of an almost three-year-old, it shouldn’t be too difficult. I will keep you updated on my progress!