WTF, Equinox!


Equinox, what the fuck is with this ad? It's fucked up. I don't know how to say it any other way. I'm not sure what your message is. I get the tagline COMMIT TO SOMETHING. It's a new year and you want people to join your gym and commit to their health and fitness. Fine! Or maybe you are saying, "commit to anything, just commit to something." Great! I'm all for that too. But why the model who doesn't even have children, breastfeeding twins who aren't even hers? Oh and she just happens to be in an LBD looking very glamorous. What does this possibly have to do with your gym? Are you advocating breastfeeding now? I read in the New York Post that supporters of the ad like that equinox is "normalizing breastfeeding." I'm confused. Please explain to me what is normal about breastfeeding twins that aren't yours in haute couture at a party. Maybe I would get it more Equinox if you used a less glamorous image. Show what it really looks like when you commit to breastfeeding. Way to go joining the ranks of mom shamers.

Let me be clear. I don't give a shit if you want to whip your boobs out to feed your baby in public. It doesn't offend me and I don't think it's gross. A mom feeding her child is a natural act. Of course some of the criticizers of this ad don't want such images shoved in their face. I'm not one of them. Moms, if you love breastfeeding and are confident and comfortable enough to do it anywhere, more power to you! I have mom friends like you and mom friends who much prefer to do it in private. And we can't forget about the moms who breastfeed and supplement with formula. That is wonderful too. And of course we have the moms like me, the formula moms. We are all fabulous too.

What gets me about this ad is that it both gives fire to the "breast is best" belief and suggests that choosing to breastfeed is something you need to commit to with your all, when it's tough, or you just can't or whatever the reason is and I just don't agree. Breast is not best. What's best is what works for mom. Mom needs to be happy and feel good above all else because then baby will be happy and feel good. It's a personal decision and one that no one has the right to judge. I have a close mom friend who made herself miserable trying to breast feed but at the end of the day she didn't produce enough and had to use formula. The guilt ate her up. That shouldn't happen...ever!

So stop putting this debate in the forefront. Maybe that's why you went with his ad. For its controversial nature. But it's enough. It shouldn't be a debate. It's a choice every mom has the right to make for themselves. My child was formula fed and he is smart and funny and has had only one ear infection in his entire life. I was formula fed and I think I'm pretty amazing. And don't fucking compare committing to breastfeeding to committing to a gym membership. They aren't even on the same playing field. And if you want to have the audacity to do so, use a real mom with real boobs and her real children.